Welcome to New Zealand Belgian Malinois Rescue! With the breed gaining popularity in Aotearoa, the need for a rescue organisation has come about.

Have your circumstances changed and you can no longer care for your Malinois as you once could? Or has your cute Malinois puppy turned into a nightmare?

Are you looking for a Search and Rescue prospect? Would you like a dog to compete with, in Obedience or Agility? Are you looking for a Malinois to be an active pet, but you don’t want to start at the puppy stage?

We can help!  We will take in any Malinois, no questions asked, provide them with the training they require and find them a suitable home.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Rescued Malinois?

Rescues aim to match dogs with the right homes.  Rescues have great breed knowledge to ensure the incoming dogs get the help they need and will assess their suitability for work or an active pet lifestyle.  Rescues are often older and their temperament is already defined so if you are looking for a working dog or an active pet, it can be better to start with an older dog than starting with a puppy.

Who are New Zealand Malinois Rescue?

New Zealand Malinois Rescue is a small volunteer-run rescue organisation. Our goal is to be guardians of the breed.  We don’t want to see any of these magnificent animals without homes. We are a group of experienced Belgian Malinois Enthusiasts who care about the breed.  We will take any Malinois, regardless of temperament or past wrongs and provide them with the training they require to help them find a suitable home.

If you are looking for a Belgian Malinois or have a Malinois that you need to find a home for, contact our friendly team by filling out the contact form below, and we will get in touch with you regarding your enquiry as soon as possible.  If you would like to know more about the breed, please refer to this Article on Malinois written by one of our volunteers.

About Malinois

Popular TV series and movies, such as Max and Person of Interest, which showcases Malinois and the increasing visibility of the Malinois in popular culture have increased the demand for Malinois as pets.  We at New Zealand Malinois Rescue are concerned that people are going to purchase Malinois without realising the extent of training and the commitment that Malinois actually require to be successful dogs. Unfortunately, the breed is becoming a victim of this popularity, as people see highly trained Malinois and think they want one. What they do not realise is that it takes many years of constant training by skilled trainers to get the dogs to behave as they have seen on TV.  Not a Pet dog, the Malinois, unlike its Belgian Shepherd cousins the Tervuren and the Groenendael, has remained primarily a working dog.

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Get In Touch

We have volunteers all over New Zealand!  If you would like to be in the loop and be the first to find out about Malinois available for adoption, to go on the waiting list for a rescued Malinois or to learn more about the breed, contact

Guus (Gus), the guy who knows all about Malinois, is the best person to speak to. He can help regarding adopting a rescued Malinois or if you find yourself with a Malinois that you can no longer look after or one that is causing you distress!

Guus has experience dealing with challenging working Malinois.

To get in touch with Guus (the Malinois guy)

Phone: 0275927737

Email: rescue@nzmalinois.com

You can find out more about Guus on his website